What Did Tiger Woods & Jack Nicklaus Say are the 3 Most Important Keys to the Golf Swing?

The Trifecta of Golf

#1 - Speed

You got nothin' without it

Tiger and Jack both agree on one thing: clubhead speed is king to being a good golfer. Without speed, you're going to be relegated to poor golf for life.

But, rest assured, speed is EASY to produce when you understand where speed really comes from. It's not your hips, it's not your shoulders - those play a part but they aren't the key.

#2 - Plane

Stop Over the Top

95% of golfers swing over the top and slice and all of them can be fixed in minutes by understanding how to move your arm. Best of all, the very same movement of the arm that creates the ideal swing plane is the very same movement you use to create speed - they are one in the same!

#3 - Release

The Auto-Squaring Clubface

This is where the real magic happens and the Trifecta comes to life. Once you understand this movement of the arm, how it creates speed and the ideal plane, you'll soon understand how it lends itself to the natural squaring of the clubface without you having to do anything.

1 + 1 + 1 = BOOM!

The Trifecta is simple. If the club is swung on plane with speed and the face is square to the path you're going to hit your share of perfect golf shots.

Without understanding this movement of the arm and how it creates all 3 keys to the golf swing, you're going to chase golf tip after tip, training aid after aid and waste thousands of dollars on new clubs that won't help you hit the ball any better.

Is There a RESET Button for this Thing?

Have you ever wished you could just push "RESET" on your golf swing? Go back to the beginning before you had all these bad habits. Before you had a million swing thoughts.

That's what this is - the RESET button for your swing and your mind.

You only need to know 3 things to hit the ball farther and straighter than you ever have.

And those 3 things are all boiled down into 1 simple movement.

I Want to Push the RESET Button - Let's Go!

Yep, Zack this IS the whole swing. The 3 most important parts anyway. If you knew nothing else about the golf swing other than this one key move and the sequence I teach it to you, that will be enough for you to "have a hard time believing it's you" hitting the ball!